For details about or most recent results and what our candidates have to say, see 'Recent candidates'. Below are some older testimonials and details of how these professionals used Emma's training and guidance to help establish their own successful teaching careers.

Our Alumni
Ruth Ogilvy
Teacher and Choreographer
Ruth is a former Dance Train student and now a professional teacher. Ruth says: "I studied on Emma's Associate Freestyle course for the IDTA in the autumn of 2010. I had been a professional dancer and choreographer for 25 years, and had gained advanced certificates of dance with other dance societies 30 years before, and I was extremely nervous about venturing into the exam room again. Emma's preparation, however, was very thorough, and with her encouragement, I took the exam and gained Honours. I have now gained full membership of the IDTA in Ballet, Tap and Modern Stage and am available to book for teaching via my email address above."
Ruth Ogilvy
Mark Davies
Director of MLD Dance Company, Surrey
Former student and teaching colleague Mark says: “I trained with Emma to gain my teaching Associate in Freestyle dance as I wanted to get back in touch with my dancing roots as that is where I started dancing as a youngster before becoming a professional dancer. I found this course particularly refreshing as it really reminded me of all the basics in the syllabus and although I found some parts challenging, I’m pleased I stuck with it. Learning the theory has given me more options when teaching or directing dancers in terms of understanding the qualities, dynamics and safety of the dance in general regardless of style. I would recommend this to anyone wishing to teach dance as I think it forms some really good foundations and especially for those teachers aspiring to teach youngsters. When you can dance to a high standard sometimes you take things for granted and I know this has given me a fresh approach in my teaching style."
Mark Davies
Keely Catt and Stacey Catt
Keely Catt School of Dance
Keely and Stacey trained from a young age at the Albany Dance Academy, Aldershot and gained their first teaching experiences working for Emma's schools and freelance projects. They say "Emma has trained us in amateur exams in many different styles which then encouraged us to train professionally with her for our Associate and Licentiate qualifications in Freestyle which we have both attained with a pass mark of over 90% in our Licentiate. Emma gave us the opportunity to teach alongside her on a Friday evening and Saturday morning in Aldershot and we now run the Saturday Morning classes as Keely Catt School of Dance.
We are very grateful for the guidance and help Emma has given to us and are pleased to still be working in conjunction with her. We now have classes in a number of venues - please contact us via the website above for more information."
Keely Catt
Stacey Catt

Sara Beatrice Larsson & Aretha Marques
SA Dance, Ealing, London
07837 181 566 & 07863 555 817
Sara and Aretha now run a successful dance school in the London Borough of Ealing. Sara met Emma early on in her career as a dance teacher in the UK and Emma has helped her throughout in mentoring, particularly with regards to IDTA examinations, and providing work opportunities. Emma also later met Aretha when SA Dance opened in 2009, they then had a collaboration of their schools in Ealing and when Emma decided to move on and focus on her larger schools SA Dance took over her classes in Ealing and it has proven a very successful step. They say: “We want to thank Emma for her guidance throughout our career here in the UK, she has always been helpful and very thorough in her advice.”

Emily Stephenson
Dynamic Dance, South West London
Emily Stephenson is creative director at Dynamic Dance which she founded in early 2008. Emily has worked with Emma for several years running holiday programmes, adult dance courses and providing workshops for schools. She says: "Emma has been a huge support over the past few years as I have developed as dance teacher and choreographer. She has introduced me to Latin and ballroom dance styles as well as reviewing my IDTA teaching and updating my knowledge of the syllabus. She is an incredibly skilled teacher and expert in dance. I have done a massive amount of freelance teaching work for Emma and hope we can continue to work together for years to come."

Dynamic Dance provides classes for children aged 4-16 yeras all over London as well as workshops, choreography and parties. For more information go to
Ruth Kestenbaum
Director, Ealing Street Dance Academy
Ruth says "I had been a dance teacher and choreographer for 15 years and had just opened my own Academy when I took Emma's IDTA course in January 2011. I wanted to introduce street dance examinations and give my dancers more opportunities to develop as performers. Emma was extremely thorough and professional in her teaching during the course, really helping me grasp the freestyle theory by explaining everything very clearly and methodically. Her guidance, patience and support was crucial to my understanding of the syllabus and getting to grips with the learning of it all, and she really helped me every step of the way, leading to me to achieve an honours in the exam." Ruth is the director of Ealing Street Dance Academyand artisitc director at Urban Academy, Hampton. In March 2012 she held her first IDTA examinations with all graded candidates receiving Honours grades. Since writing this update, Ruth has been awarded the John Dilworth scholarship, an IDTA award for new Associates who are particularly impressive in their exam. Ruth was awarded 97% honours and nominated by her examiner. She collected the award at the IDTA Congress in Southport in July 2012.
Harriet Palmer
Dance, Teacher and Actress
Harriet was trained by Emma and has worked for and with her as a freelancer ever since as well as performing (both as a dancer and an actress) and building up her teaching experience in a variety of areas. Harriet says: "Emma tutored me through the IDTA freestyle associate dance qualification and I found her very knowledgeable and a very good mentor. She offered extra help when we needed it and was very nice to work with. I received this qualification in November 2009 and since have been working as a dance teacher for Emma in various schools and holiday clubs around London. She has provided me with teaching experience guiding me every step of the way!"
Harriet Palmer
Tashi Fraser
Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer
Tashi says: "I began as a student of Emma's in 2005, performing with her Academy at Her Majesty's Theatre and The Royal Albert Hall. From this I decided I wanted to become a Dance Instructor and I attended the first Dance Train course in London in 2009. At first it was all very daunting when seeing what had to be completed but Emma gave resources and broke everything up so it was easy to understand. Whenever I got confused, stressed or nervous Emma was always there to reassure me and help me out in every way possible. It was always made clear to me that there was no pressure and all my portfolio and practical work was for me to complete in my own time with no limits or time restriction. Emma herself was always very supportive and encouraging and without her I don't think I would have had the motivation to complete my Associate examination. It has helped me in so many ways and I have gone on to work for Emma and set up my own individual classes with her full support and help when needed. I am extremely grateful for everything Emma has done for me and appreciate all the opportunities she has brought my way." Contact Tashi via the website above for dance and fitness classes in Surrey and Hants.
Tashi Fraser
Louise Ward
Unique Dance Acacemy
Louise says "I wanted to open my own Freestyle Dance Academy and decided to take my IDTA Freestyle Teaching Exam. I searched the internet trying to find an affordable course and distant support, I found a few courses but Emma's appeared the most suitable and quite a bit cheaper than the others. I was so impressed with the course, Emma gave a full breakdown of what to expect in the 1 hour 15 minute exam and gave some valuable and pertinent tips and advice. The course made me think of a lot all of things I wouldn't have considered taking the exam on my own and it was great having the chance to bounce info and ideas off other professional dances attending the course. We ran through warm up, cool down and routines too for guidance on content and steps. I attended the course on 27th/28th July 2011 and wanted to sit my exam as soon as possible, although there was no pressure to take your examination as some of the people on the course were considering next year. I decided to take my Exam 2nd October 2011, before that I had a 1-2-1 tutorial with Emma and also a mock exam which was all in with the price, Emma was available anytime to answer questions and offered great support.

I was thrilled to pass my Exam first time and will now be opening my own Dance School teaching Freestyle and Street, after the course I feel really confident about planning my lessons and structuring my classes. Thanks for all your help Emma."

Louise's school is Unique Dance Academy in North Dorset, teaching children from 3 to 18 Freestyle and Street, giving the children the opportunity to take part in shows, take IDTA examinations and enter competions. Contact or 07522 908963.