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About Dance Train

Dance Train courses are taught by Emma Weir, a Fellow of the IDTA, who identified a need for affordable professional training courses. Originally offering private tuition (as she herself was trained) she realised that there was a demand for group courses as these were more suitable for dancers without a local trainer in their area or mentor at their own school.

Now continuing with our new format we began in 2018, combining private training with an exam-focussed course structure, there is something to suit everyone.

She has a 100% pass rate for professionals and the majority of Dance Train candidates have scored 80% or more.

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Another Dance Train professional is scholarship winner in 2016!

Hannah Mott (pictured) was awarded the Arthur Gallagher award for Freestyle by the IDTA as the top performing Licentiate in that genre this year. Hannah is the principal of Gremlin Dance Ltd and first attended our Associate course in April 2014, which she passed with Honours and was nominated for the John Dilworth scholarship along with another Dance Train student Sophie Giles, after they both achieved some of the highest marks awarded that year across the country. The John Dilworth was previously awarded to another Dance Train student Ruth Kestenbaum of Ealing Street Dance Academy in 2012 after her exceptional performance, and we have had a number of nominations for this in the past. Hannah returned to Dance Train in 2015 to take the Licentiate exam, which she passed with another high score in November, and has now won the prestigious Arthur Gallagher award, which was announced at the IDTA's annual congress in July 2016. Congratulations to Hannah and to all the nominees across the association!

Our courses

Our current Associate courses in Freestyle are taught intensively but still involve lots of work and should not be seen as an 'easy option'. As Freestyle is creative and flexible it means that there is less set work than in other styles so candidates have a personal input into their routines and can do much of the revision independently. 

 Freestyle courses now booking:

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